Ogota Gerald

Founder & CEO

Ogota Gerald, a visionary tech enthusiast and trailblazing entrepreneur, has risen to prominence as the dynamic CEO of Geesix Global Services Ltd, spearheading groundbreaking advancements in the realm of digital solutions and cutting-edge technology. Gerald exhibited an unwavering passion for technology from an early age, tinkering with computers and coding languages, displaying a natural aptitude for problem-solving and innovation.

Gerald embarked on a journey marked by entrepreneurial zeal and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Founding Geesix Global Services at the tender age of 22, he set out to revolutionize the landscape of digital transformation and tech consulting. Under his astute leadership, Geesix Global swiftly emerged as a pioneering force, renowned for its innovative software solutions and groundbreaking digital strategies that empowered businesses across diverse sectors.



Despite his meteoric rise to success, Gerald remains firmly grounded in his commitment to social responsibility, championing various philanthropic endeavors and initiatives aimed at promoting tech education and fostering digital literacy among underprivileged communities. His dedication to ethical leadership and sustainable business practices serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts worldwide. 

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